Packing begins ….


… Packing $hit, that is …

I went on earlier today and weather in Cusco and Lima seemed ok, top temperatures for both places were 19 degrees celsius.  Not a problem there, Sydney gets that kind of temperature all the time.  And after the -21 degrees celsius I survived in Prague, I’m pretty sure I’ve experienced the very worst of my winter experiences.   The thing that got me about packing was the fact that I was packing at all.  I blame The Goonies and The Mysterious Cities of Gold for making me want to go to Peru.  All that wild adventure shoved in my face after school all those years ago made me do this.  And I thought helping a community would be kind of nice, instead of roaming around being a regular tourist.  So this is all kind of adventurous for me, and something I thought I would never do (i.e. could never afford).  But I’m three sleeps away from boarding first a plane to LA and then another plane to Lima.  So this is real.  THIS IS REAL. 

My Spanish could use a little work (I’m taking all my Spanish notes with me – classes are helpful, thank God!) and I haven’t ever taught a class but I’ll be ok.  I don’t really have a choice, I HAVE to be ok. 

So this blog is gonna be me just rambling about what I’m doing coz it’ll save on emails and I don’t even know if I can get global roaming up in Cusco.  We’ll see. 

I am hoping I will have a life-changing experience.  Life-changing in a good way, not life-changing in the “I now have no sense of smell” kind of way.