Night before flight ….

… need sleep.  Am not as nervous as I was an hour ago.  I’m actually quite tired now.  Am fighting the urge to play “one game of bejwelled blitz” because it will turn into “seventy thousand games of bejewelled blitz”. 

Should do one last round of checking that I’ve got everything but really can’t be arsed because whatever I’ve left can’t be all that important anyway.  How much is a full-body alpaca snuggy anyway?  I can wear that to bed in lieu of actual PJs, right?

Flight is about 1-ish tomorrow arvo and I’ve already got plans for the 14 fuggin hour flight to LA.  I’ll brushing up on my Spanish.  And by “brushing up”, I mean “annoying the person in the seat next to me”.  Lo siento, buddy. 

Arriving in Lima will be the real test though.  But I’m not going to worry about that untill … I actually arrive in Lima. 

And I’m out … like I said this blog is in lieu of emails so this is it for now.

*Peace sign*


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