Ay dios mio …

Finally went into town last night and although the place is beautiful, I went to an ATM outside a restaurant in the San Blas area of Cusco (which is like the most touristy place ever) and MY CARD GOT EATEN BY THE MACHINE.  That has never happened to me before, and of all the times it had to happen, it happened in Cusco!!!  And that card has been used in far flung places like Vietnam, Vienna and the Mobil on Quakers Hill Parkway, and I have NEVER had any problems!!! 

So after I kinda had a spak attack for 5 seconds, I found an English speaking policeman (Julian) and he and I walked all the way down the hill to the bank´s head office, and I knew it would come to nothing but he was being really positive so i though what the hell.  anyway turned out I had to cancel my card anyway.  the bummer of it all is that my bank won´t send the replacement card to anyway outside of australia, so it has to go Australia to Peru.  And I dunno how long that will take.  Sheeeeeesh. 

anyway aside from that i did see an old lady leading a llama through the narrow streets.  san blas is pretty but don´t believe all the hype, it´s only got touristy shops and is designed for the tourists.  you step a few streets outside of the plaza de armas in the town square and you get markets and local cusco people. 

and now the mad dash to get me a replacement card …



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