I’ve been ROUTED, bitches!

For someone who didn’t have a CD player untill she was fourteen, this is a momentous occasion.  Not only do I have a router, I have a new printer (well, my parents do coz they bailed me out of my Peruvian card eating fiasco), an English-accented Tom Tom (imagine Nigella Lawson telling you, “You have reached your destination”) and a Netbook.  It’s a lot of technology for one person to take, in the space of two months.  A lot of technology. 

I’m drawing the line at anything else in the immediate future because my bank balance can’t handle it as yet and I’m waiting for the month when I can finally start putting away proper savings again instead of the odd tenner here and there.  Ok, I put more than $10 away a month, gimme some credit. 

So I’m holding off on any other forms of technology coz I quite enjoy writing things with a pen in my organiser (the filofax, anyone remember them?) and using post-it notes everywhere.  I know there will come a time where my life will be entirely paperless, but for now I’m proud that I still have the ability to write in cursive script. 

For the record, I owned a CD.  It was Tony Toni Tone’s Sons of Soul.  I just didn’t have anywhere to play the damn thing. The rest of my music I acquired by borrowing other people’s CDs and copying them onto a CASSETTE TAPE.  Shhhhh, stop laughing.

I’m writing in this blog coz I wanted to check if I remembered my password, and yes, I do.  And I like that I’m sitting on the couch typing this and not at the computer desk where the heat doesn’t reach.  And if you don’t like this interruption to your FaceStalk booking, then fugg off.  I can’t afford a holiday just yet but when I do, I swear to you I will write in this blog EVERY. SINGLE. HOUR.  Although the next holiday will be a ways off from now.