The 90s … when I should have come of age …

Skinniest boxer alive ...

Stuck at home tonight coz my car *everything* is due soon and my tax return hasn’t come in yet.  Plus, I put myself on a stupid savings plan which means I am effectively living off what feels like 50 cents a week.  Yes, it’s that exciting …

I found this article on the Sydney Morning Herald site about Stephen Dorff.  OK, the article is really kind of about Sofia Coppola, but it talks about her new movie, in which Stephen Dorff stars in.  And it made me think about the schoolgirl crush I had on him when I was an underdeveloped schoolkid when he played Peekay in The Power of One, and it made me think about school and everything that was awesome about the 90s, even though I had absolutely NOTHING going for me at school.  Truth be told, I haven’t really climbed up the social ranks in my adult years either, but I’m happy with that coz the popular kids now are just the big douchebags everyone secretly wants to punch in the back of the head. 

So the 90s were good for me because (and they’re not in order from bestest to least good, they’re just in the order of how they come into my brain):

* Stephen Dorff in The Power of One.  He was hot then.  Well, I thought he was hot.  I thought he was so hot, in fact, that as a birthday present one year a friend from school tore down a movie poster from a wall and gave it to me as a birthday present.  The poster was for Backbeat, where he played the fifth Beatle that got fed up with Lennon and left the group.  I don’t think she could get a Power of One poster.  Plus it didn’t have a big enough image of Stephen Dorff’s face on it. 

* The fact that it never took over 30 minutes to get anywhere “far” by car.  I used to get a lift to school by my dad and it only took us half an hour.  If I did that same trip now on the same route I would give myself within the hour to get from point a to point b.  Sydney transport in the 90s was in no way as shithouse as it is now.

*The 90s were the decade where music evolved.  None of this crap pop BS you get now.  You got Counting Crows in the same decade as 2Pac.  And then you got Alanis Morissette in the same decade as bloody Boyz II Men.  THE VARIETY!   The best!!!  =)  Red Hot Chilli Peppers rapped a little even!

* The fashion in the 90s was all about looking like you just rolled out of a drug-induced coma, so the baggier, grungier, scungier, the better.  So it didn’t matter if you were the size of a house, you just had to be wearing flannel somewhere on your person, and you’d be ok.  And it didn’t even matter what kind of music you listened to either, coz it seemed like all genres were fully backing the “don’t give a rats ass” look.  Stamp of approval from me!

* I didn’t know back then that sportspeople earned more money through endorsements than through their actual professional sporting careers, so people like Michael Jordan and Pete Sampras were still pretty legendary.

* The monorail in Sydney was still considered a big thing.  Now it’s just a waste of freaking space.  Getting anywhere was free coz you had a student card.  Do students still have student cards?  Or are transport prices now just discounted?  That would suck … you can’t dip into your pocket money for a day out with your mates when you don’t have any money!

* You still froze your ass in the movie theatre coz global warming wasn’t as bad back then.  Now, in summer, you sit in a move theatre and you APPRECIATE the air conditioning.

* Nobody told me that carbs were bad for you.  I ate rice every single bloody day and you know what?  I LOVED IT.  And then if I wasn’t eating rice, I was eating pasta.  So take THAT, complex carbohydrate haters!  

* I was still young enough in the 90s to not have to worry about consequences.  I literally didn’t have the power to do anything with my life, but I also didn’t know any better, so I was consequence-free.  Now, every action has an equal, opposite and expensive reaction.  Buy that Hokka Hokka meal now and that’s one day’s parking at work down the drain.  Yes, I think of it like that.  

I miss being a kid … bring the 90s back!