It’s Not So Bad …

…And it’s not all about Boracay either.  I mean yes, it is still about the beaches and whatnot, but at least it isn’t Boracay (again).  Which is beautiful, don’t get me wrong, I’ve been there twice, but it’s nice that a travel article set in the Philippines wasn’t about the weird shit the locals eat, or that tiny tiny island in the south somewhere, or about Manila.  Dirty, dirty Manila.  

In an effort to forget the fact that I start another year of the rat race tomorrow (OK, today, since it’s very early in the morning right now and I can’t sleep. OK, won’t sleep) I went online to search for new destinations to use my passport in.  It took an hour on Facebook and on my yahoo email account to finally find the information I was looking for.  The Philippines.  If Che Guevara can travel around his continent, why couldn’t I do the same with my country of origin?  Oh yeah, that’s right.  Coz there are zero means to facilitate that.

Or are there?  I found out about Tao Philippines and how it was started by two blokes who simply loved the place.  Well done to them.  And if it’ll bring in more tourist dollars and get people out of the fugly malls when they visit, then all the better. 

Ok *sigh* the malls aren’t fugly.  In fact, the really big ones are actually quite nice.  But you can kind of find the same thing anywhere.  And yeh ok it’s cheaper to get pampered in Manila than it is in Sydney but bloody hell there’s only so many mani-pedis a gal can have, right? 

Plus on TLC all they show about the Philippines is Anthony Bourdain’s disappointment in not being shown an “authentic” Filipino experience, and that weird bald dude who eats weird shit and how thrilled he was to try balutLook it up – it’s pretty nasty.  So it’s nice to have a fresh perspective on the country.

For the record, I’ll head to El Nido one day, if only for the simple reason that supporting another region of the Philippines would make me feel like I’m doing good, and giving myself a holiday too.  But for now I am wiiiiiiiiiiide awake and writing does nothing to relax my mind, only fire me up.  Hating getting back to reality tomorrow.  GROSS. 

Man I really can’t sleep …