Wednesday Wishlist …

Don't mess with the bulls, you'll get the horns ...

Would really like to get to the point where I wake up all “hagga-dagga!” a-la Mr Vernon from The Breakfast Club and, with a spring in my step, do some sun salutations at the beach (which will soon be a block away from me.  Not because the beach is miraculously getting up and moving towards me, but because I will finally be moving closer to the shoreline).  I always wanted to turn into those earth mother makeup-less women.

I’d love a MacBook Pro.  Simply because I work on a Mac in the office (doing nothing design-y).

Since I’ve started working with web designers and web developers (all of 1 month), I’ve realised how incredibly inept I am at all things technological, exciting and not stuck in 1987 (a magical year in my then young life).  I’d like to be a little more like those guys, coding and designing and talking geeky web-design talk, and discussing the pros and cons of a dribble account.

I’d really like to be a little more visually creative.  I don’t think taking photos on my iPhone, overlaying a vintage filter and uploading them onto Instagtram is really gonna cut it.

I’d really like to use my passport, one last time, before it expires in December of this year.  Salvador de Bahia, Brazil, anyone?