Erica’s Gratitude Diarrhoea

Stay foolish, stay productive, stay focussed, stay hungry, stay home, go hard or go home, go long, keep it short, keep it simple stupid. I’m sick of hearing what I need to do to get from down here to UP HERE so I’m gonna take a minute or 30 of them and focus on what I do have, what I’ve just had. And I WILL stay foolish, thanks Steve Jobs!

  1. I had Green Eggs and Ham this morning for breakfast, which is basically scrambled eggs mixed with basil pesto and cut up bits of ham. Tasted like heaven, looked like Shrek. My partner had poached eggs and salmon. I loved that boing-boing feeling of the back of the fork on the poached egg, where you tap it just enough so you get some spring, but not enough that the egg breaks. But when it does break, ohhhh the yolk!
  2. The weather’s been fantastic lately in Sydney. After the coldest winter I remember having in ohhh … forever … I am welcoming this year’s spring with vitamin D-deficient open arms. I’ve actually been sitting outside on the ferry in the mornings on the way to work.
  3. How good is COMMUTING BY FERRY, by the way?
  4. How awesome is Sydney Harbour?!?!?
  5. Last night, instead of going out for a Friday night bender, I went straight home and followed up on some emails, did a bit of work, then made myself a bowl of packet migoreng and watched back to back episodes of The IT Crowd before promptly falling fast asleep on the couch. A decade ago I would’ve also fallen asleep on the couch, but only at 5am after I’d come home so drunk I couldn’t find the corridor that led to my room.
  6. I took my sunnies off this morning whilst walking along Manly beach and I noticed how beautiful and blue the water was, sitting right there between the spotless sky and the blonde sandy beach. Note to self: sunnies are for wimps. Never mute the colours of a beautiful day in a beautiful part of the world.
  7. I have recently (begrudgingly, painfully) cut out carbs from my daily diet, only eating it if I’m out for dinner with friends and carbs are the only thing on the menu, or if I’m at Mum’s (she’s Filipino and you can’t have a Filipino dish without rice. The sauce has nothing to sit on, otherwise). I’ve noticed that my skin’s cleared up, I no longer feel like I’m about to burst after lunch, I’ve lost a bit of weight and can I do up buttons again on my tops. My wardrobe choices have just opened up, and I didn’t even have to buy anything new!
  8. My friends are coming over for drinks tonight. Which sounds like a silly thing to be grateful for, but as I’ve gotten older I’ve noticed a core group of us keeping in touch while the rest of us have floated away. We’re not the Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants or anything. We’re too cool for that. And too normal. And we’re all shapes and sizes. 
  9. How good is spring cleaning? Mum was right. Cleaning needs to be done often.

There’s a lot that’s good in the world right now. It’s gonna be ok …