Ahhhh, Friday could not have come soon enough …

This week seemed like it was a monster of a week. I feel like my butt and my office chair have become one.  I feel like a drone. I feel exhausted. I feel so stressed out, that even after I have left my desk and walked outside and stood at the bus stop to wait for my beautiful ride home, my mind wanders back to the workload awaiting me the following day.

Bloody hell.

I don’t know how to turn off, which is ironic because I’m really lazy when I want to be. But with this role I can’t seem to settle after work.

I wish I was like a yoga guru so I know – like, instinctively know – how to calm my mind and reset my body after work.

I don’t even do anything important like brain surgery or anything, so I shouldn’t feel so stressed out.

I’ve always had this dream of leaving the rat race, opting out of life and just … living like a Jack Johnson video clip.

Wouldn’t that be great.

He's known for his unflinching, stress-free demeanor.

FYI – the image above was taken from Buzzfeed.  Thanks Buzzfeed. I’d be lost without your images and GIFs which really get right to the heart of the matter. Har har har.