How do I not get hit by a bus?

I’m gonna die of stupid someday. How did I get through all these years without being hit by a bus? I’m gonna die alone a crazy cat lady, if the stupidity doesn’t get me first.

Today I had a minor meltdown on the bus on the way home from work after staying back late. I sat in my seat furiously blinking away the tears as I stared into the pages of my book, ironically called How to be Good, even thought I felt so so so so bad.  The book’s actually pretty brilliant, even if it is taking me twice as long to read, because, in a recent state of stupidity, I no longer have the concentration needed to get to the bottom of a page in a paperback novel.

I get home from work only to realise I have next to no clean underwear left for tomorrow and am now reduced to wearing bikini bottoms in lieu of fresh laundry.


I forgot to renew my car insurance and car rego.

I haven’t eaten dinner yet but I think it’s too late coz it’s 12:30am.

Even though I’ve said that, I am still thinking of watching an episode of something – Communitymaybe? I have yet to decide.

Spoke to my dad on the phone earlier this evening and he asked how the wedding planning was going. Yeh, it’s not, although I do very much enjoy visiting all the lovely reception venues my fiancee and I are unable to afford. Correction, able to afford but unwilling to pay for because we still do want to have some leftover money for things like rent and going out.

How does a seemingly fully functioning adult let everything fall by the wayside? What’s the matter with me?!?!

I want to crawl into a hole containing a chaise lounge, a bucket of popcorn, a 1L bottle of Fanta, a TV and all 10 seasons of Friends ready to go.

Can I do that? Can I just skip out on life for a while?


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