Sydney Zombie Walk (aka Yeh It’s Happening *sad face*)

“I can’t keep calm because I have anxiety” is currently my profile pic for Facebook. An apt pic, because I have to go to the effing Zombie Walk with my fiancée on Saturday. I’m thinking of ways to break up with him, but dammit he makes a mean omelette and I trust his taste in TV shows (I mean, by and large. I can’t quite wrap my head around Bates Motel. I don’t know why he cares so much about this damn show!).

The Sydney Zombie Walk  will run from Hyde Park to what looks like Town Hall Station, according to the map on the website (designed specifically to appeal to the lovers of the undead.  The website, not the map. The map is fine).

On the flipside though, people aren’t just doing this to recreate their favourite scene from The Walking DeadThe walk is to raise money for the Australian Brain Foundation so they can keep doing research into brain disorders. Important work, sure.

However, I’m stressing. I live across the road from the beach and if it stops raining and the sun streams thorough on Saturday, someone’s gonna get a-hurtin’ reeeeal bad.

For the record, Glen and Maggie are the best couple on TV right now.



Impostor Syndrome

Sometimes I feel like I suffer from Impostor Syndromeand I feel all, “I don’t know how I got here and it must be some sort of stars in weird alignment phenomenon”.

And then sometimes I take on the advice of pop psychologists and just tell myself to fake it till I make it. I repeat it to myself like a mantra. Dream, believe, achieve, succeed.

And these two are such opposing theories that it makes me want to lie down, take a nap, get up, eat some Cookies and Cream ice cream (has to be the Connoisseur brand), watch 4 hours of Friends, and then go back to bed again.

In my heart of hearts, though, I believe you are who you say you are. I don’t want to think of myself as an impostor.

I just don’t want to live life like this:

Steve Coogan, can I have your brain?


I saw a screening of the new Steve Coogan film Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa and it was so brilliantly written that now I wish I was Steve Coogan (not Alan Partridge. He’s a c u next Tuesday, if you know what I mean).

I loved when he was all, “That was soft rock cocaine enthusiasts, Fleetwood Mack”.

I loved when they played Always On My Mind to highlight how bad Alan felt for phucking over Pat Farrell (played by Colm Meaney, the best ole Irishman there is, who incidentally also played the best ole cranky Irish dad in The Commitments, who incidentally again was a fan of Elvis Presley, who incidentally again again also sang Always On My Mind, the song they used in the Alan Partridge movie but I think they used the Willie Nelson version).

I love that I cannot for the life of me place where I have seen the lady that plays Lynn, although it’s a British movie so I probably saw her in an episode of Press Gang or something.

I loved that you never really felt like any of the characters were complete f**kwits, despite what I said earlier about Alan Partridge being a c-word. He’s a loveable c-word, know what I mean?

Anyway I thought the movie was really well-written.

Other people whose brains I would like to have:

  • Tina Fey
  • Donald Glover
  • Craig Ferguson
  • Conan O’Brien
  • Judd Apatow
  • Dan Harmon
  • The lady who put this together
  • The guy who put this site together (David Thorne, can I have your brain?)
  • Whoever worked on the writing team for Friends seasons 1-5

It’s so hot right now, I really feel like watching 4 episodes of 30 Rock and then sinking my head in the ocean.

FYI my review for this film is here

Inspiration never gets old …

Reviewed a play on Thursday night called The Westlands at the Riverside Theatres in Parramatta and aside from it being incredibly moving (for me, anyway), it was also really inspiring to be in the vicinity of people (the cast and crew) who have such a love for artistic endeavours and are creating and promoting and producing these pieces for us all to enjoy and be moved by.

Whenever I feel disheartened by the mundane and ordinary aspects of my life, I remind myself that there are people out in the world who are creative, motivational, entrepreneurial, “glass half full” and big picture types who don’t let the little things in their lives get in the way of something bigger than themselves.  They live as creators rather than consumers and I love that there are people like that to aspire to.

There's always something more you can do.

There’s always something more you can do.

The month of nothing. New. Game on!

I’m so jumping onto this bandwagon …

Apparently this month is Buy Nothing New month so I am going to do just that – buy nothing, new.  My long-term state of Affluenza has me looking out for movements like this, so I’m on it.

Buy nothing new. BUY NOTHING NEW.

Or buy nothing?  I will still buy clothes and toiletries so I’m not completely ostracised from society, but I’ll be more mindful of my wasteful consumption.

Vintage gems from the 2013 Sydney Vintage Fair ... NOTHING NEW. But aaaaall beautiful!

Vintage gems from the 2013 Sydney Vintage Fair … NOTHING NEW. But aaaaall beautiful!

I’m loving this.  It must be because my flat is the size of a garage. Or the fact that I am not on a bajillion dollar salary. Or the fact that I’m really not into looking like Miley Cyrus right now so I don’t like shopping in the big department stores, and I just end up buying secondhand stuff from the local Lifeline place.

And I seem to be drawn to the vintage world now (see note above about not looking like Miley Cyrus) so there’s so much out there that is so beautiful but re-purposed for now and genuine and original and … and … and …

Buy Nothing New month is now 3 days old. Twenty eight days and counting …

Note to self – don’t go to Pitt St Mall tonight …

Taken from the Buy Nothing New site at

Taken from the Buy Nothing New site at