My beef with TED and other things I’m sure most people have no problem with …

I’ve been listening to TED talks a lot lately, desperately trying to find life advice so that I can live a more meaningful existence, and I love it. Totally.  I love it.

I can’t remember who said these quotes, but they’re on the site (search under happiness) and I had to make a note of them:

It’s particularly important that you never put the quality of your life in a commercial corporation.


Happiness is not about having what you want. Happiness is about wanting what you have i.e. gratitude.

I totally paraphrased that last one. Sorry.

But they’re GOOD pieces of advice, right? Never put the quality of your life in a commercial corporation. I think I miss-quoted that one, it sounds a little wrong, but what I got out of that talk was that finding happiness in a corporate workplace is NOT going to happen, not true happiness you will be proud of on your deathbed, anyway. Corporations are developed to make money and deliver a product or service, and that is it. It will not hold you when you are sick, it will be kiss you goodnight, it will not pay for your tombstone.  So it’s up to US to make our lives outside of work more meaningful, or else let go of thinking money and happiness can mix. Coz true happiness doesn’t come from the money you make. But at the same time, you have to make money to pay for bills, care for your family, and pretty much survive. So while you can’t shirk off the responsibilities of a day job, you can still live your life with happiness.

The last quote was about gratitude. Gratitude gratitude gratitude. I am thankful now more than ever. I can see clearly now – the greed has gone.

But the thing that gets me about TED and the talks I am drawn to (mainly about happiness and finding a work-life balance) is that they’re all given by dudes (yeh mostly dudes, the ones I’ve listened to) who are CEOs of companies and who decided to downshift their lives after going hell for leather in their careers. So they, for the most part, had the means to take it easy for a while because they had amassed all these wealth from their CEO salaries.

But what about regular people? I want the TED site to feature the same topic but given but someone who isn’t a CEO and who can give me real life examples and tips on how to live like that.

How AWESOME would that be??

Still holding what I’ve heard from the site close to my noggin though, because even I am nowhere in the same stratosphere, salary-wise, as the speakers, I still find the talks insightful and inspiring.




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