SBS circa mid-late 90s was right. The world IS an amazing place!

I could’ve started today immediately thinking, “Today is a sh!thouse day”. For a lot of my friends and everyone around me, it’s back to work day right after the holidays.  Technically, I was back at work on 2nd January (which in itself was imminently horrible), but I liked getting wrapped up in everyone else’s idea of bleccccch.

It’s easier for me to think of what’s wrong with everything than to think of what’s right.  I have to make a conscious effort to look for the good.  I think coz I was brought up to be really cautious a lot of the time so now I go from either blind faith, no consequences involved to sit on my hands, don’t make any decisions.

But I found this Buzzfeed post and now I believe the world is inherently a good place after all.  I still think about the time SIX MONTHS AGO (I am weird) when this guy yelled at me on the street for bumping into him while he was rushing to the bus stop.  Like, he got really upset with me and even now when I relive it I still feel hurt and angry (because, like I said, I am weird).  But these 35 Pictures That Prove The World Isn’t Such A Bad Place are proof that I need to build a bridge and get over myself, because the world is good if you look for the good.

Today (because it may change each time I revisit this post), my favourite image is no. 9 (Dan and his Coffee Runs), because it reminds me of this clip below.  And I CRIED OPENLY when I watched this.

Don’t get emotional over this – I DARE YOU.


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