Where have you been all my life??

Hells bells! If I never buy another stick of lipgloss again in my life, I’ll be OK! The search is over, I found a goody.

Stila lipgloss in Cranberry is a keeper. It’s a bit cha-ching, but it’s the colour I like and it STAYS PUT. So I can drink my coffee and it lasts through all of that.

I tried looking for lipgloss that had a bit of red-pink in it, wasn’t too bright but wasn’t too pale. In Macy’s in Manhattan in June, when I was away on holidays, I walked up to the Origins counter and asked the sales assistant for a lipgloss that looked kind of natural.  What I walked out with was bright red lipgloss. I don’t know what that lady’s idea of “natural” was, but I should’ve taken her caked on face as a sign that subtlety wasn’t something she was familiar with.

When I tried the Stila lipgloss on for the first time the other day I had a bit of a panic attack (on the bus, where I usually apply my makeup. A lot of women are disgusted by this but they can go phuck themselves coz I love sleeping in every morning and I have a 10min walk in the sun to the bus stop) because you have to activate the liquid to come up the tube and onto the brush, and I think I turned the little thingy at the end of the tube one too many times coz it was real thick. But I got used to it. But maaaaaaaaaan do I like the look of it!

I can’t kiss the boy while it’s still fresh on my mouth, but my lips are real shiny though.

I am a convert. I’ll admit on the weekend I walked into a Mecca Cosmetica store to buy Dermalogica skincare and then I walked out with lipgloss. Buyer’s remorse lasted all of 1 hour.

And now I will wear this lipgloss all the livelong day.

Finding good everyday makeup is like finding jeans you can wear for any occasion.  I think I’m onto a winner with this lipgloss though – woo hoo!



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