Hola muchachos!!!!

have made it to lima in one piece.  didn´t sleep for shiton the flight here but that´s ok.  i had to RE CEHCK MY BAGS when i got to LAX, which just makes me hate that airport more than anything elsein the world, can´t believe i had to re check it even though it was fuggin ticketed all the bloody way to lima!!!

anyway am overall feeling pretty good because i got a good night´s rest last night at the homestay in miraflores and also because once i was at the departure gate for LAN peru not one person spoketo mein english and i kinda got what they were saying to me!!!  i mean they spoke pretty fast buti got the gist of it. 

landing in lima veeeeery late  last night was a bit of tripput though coz i couldn´t find the guy picking me up but it took less than 5mins to find him and then i was off to miraflores.  his english was a thousand times better than what my spanish currently is. 

anyway took a little walk today just around miraflores areaand later on this arvo the homestay lady is gonna take us out.  actually i think she´s doing that now so i better go.

overall am damn happy to be here right now.  got lots of stuff swirling around in my head but i´m in a bit of a rush …

met the other volunteer though and he is a dickwank.  ´nuff said, 

they say it´s cold here but i dunno i´m pretty ok, i´çmin  long sleeves and i´m not cold, but the homestay lady (armina) and her maid (yes, maid) said they found it cold …

this area reminds me of makati except not pollutrf, not overcrowded and not dirty.  so the buildings are a mishmash like they are in makati but it´s so not like makati. 

ok i´ll write more later.